Our Next Sunrise brings you tales of travel that make the world come alive, and transform you into a virtual voyager – hurtling into unusual destinations like a remote cabin in rural Sri Lanka, or coming face to face with the lesser known characters that inhabit the corners of iconic travel classics like New York City.

Our Next Sunrise is about greeting a new dawn from places both coveted and unlikely. Whether it is the surprise of a new adventure or the comforting pleasure of revisiting an old favourite, that feeling remains the same – the warmth in that half minute between sleep and awake, of not quite remembering where you are until that sliver of unfamiliar light from the outside gently reminds you of the unknown that awaits.

I’ll be travelling Asia with my husband until November 2016 and documenting as much of it as possible on this blog, from ancient Silk Road cities to mountain treks in Bhutan and I’m excited to share our stories with you.

But enough about me – tell me about you. Where will your next sunrise be?

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Our Next Sunrise is self funded unless otherwise specified. All images and text copyright Our Next Sunrise, also unless otherwise specified.


6 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh thanks! My boyfriend and I did a brainstorm one night writing down all different things that came to mind when you think of travel and we eventually got to this!I like ‘Perpetually Perapatetic’ too, I must admit I had to look up what ‘peripatetic’ means but now I know, I think it’s a fantastic word and fab way to sum up travel!


      1. I got Peripatetic when my dad read that word in Steve Jobs’ biography. We had to look it up too, but yup, that word really clicked with me!!
        And seriously, yours is awesome. It’s giving me this ‘feeling’ that I can’t quite describe, but I know I’ll be telling people about ‘this awesome blog title I came across’!!


    1. Hi there! Thanks also for following my blog! I loved Siena and Tuscany when we visited this year and I hope to come back again soon! Glad you like my blog too and I look forward to sharing more stories with you and reading more about Siena! Happy New Year too!


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