‘Ho-sun’ art installation at Beniya Mukayu ryokan, Japan

Fine dining, a luxurious spa, private thermal baths, a leafy garden, complimentary yoga, and to top it all off, stunning art work: the Beniya Mukayu ryokan, located near Kaga Onsen in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture, has the most unique characteristics that make it unlike any other hotel I have ever stayed in.

‘Ho-Sun’, the large installation piece by the Japanese designer Kenya Hara is so hypnotic that you could stare it at it for hours. Single, crystal like water drops are individually sucked up from a moon like, dark circular pool, and carefully deposited on a smooth white plate, where, like pearls falling from a necklace, they swirl down from the plate, down a series of tunnels, onto another plate, and complete their journey back into the pool.

How each drop, so clear and tactile, appears as solid as a marble throughout its short but momentous journey is astonishing. Try as you might to figure out the physics behind what you could suspect is an illusion, it’s best to not over think it and allows yourself to simply revel in the sheer serenity of it all.

Don’t dwell too long though – it’s en route to the restaurant, where your 10 course tasting meal awaits.



Read more about Beniya Mukayu in my next post!


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