My top 10 2013 travel pictures – part two

In part one of my Top 10 2013 travel pictures, I brought you my favourite shots from Budapest, Siena and Jordan. Part two brings back memories from Tuscany, Puglia and, my home away from home, England.

6. Bagni di San Filippo, Tuscany

Soaking in the 50 degree pool as we looked out onto the forest below cleared our minds, and left us with refreshed, rejuvenated bodies. Legend has it that this is where San Filippo came to pray, the chalky white rock walls and steaming sulphur pools providing him the perfect canvas for meditation.


7. Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy

We had one of the most romantic meals ever in this tiny seaside town, at the Grotta Palazzesa restaurant. Before our unforgettable dining experience we spent the afternoon lazing in the sun at this picturesque cove – a perfect romantic prelude for a perfect romantic meal.


8. Alberobello, Puglia

You can only gaze in wonder at the row upon row of cone-shaped Trulli that have been so amazingly preserved and celebrated at the UNESCO heritage site of Alberobello. The build up begins on the drive there, when you begin spotting one at a time, before losing count as they whizz past your window – look out for the double and sometimes triple cone roofs on the houses that are still lived in today.


9. South Downs, England

Nothing lifts your heart and spirits like the vivid green hills and yellow fields of the South Downs. Don’t let the playfulness of the calves take your attention away from the angry bulls who could charge at any moment!


10. Hackney Peace mural, London

This work of art makes me feel proud to live and work in Hackney. It perfectly captures the spirit and diversity of the borough. And as the cover of the Rudimental album, it’s made Hackney famous!

Dalston peace mural copy

Hope you all had some memorable adventures in 2013 – here’s to an even more exciting 2014!


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