My top 10 2013 travel pictures – part one

Looking back through pictures of my adventures in 2013 brings back so many memories – and the emotions that went with them….

1. Alexandra Bookcafé, Budapest, Hungary

The surprise at beholding the golden grandeur of the café in Budapest’s Alexandra bookshop, hidden on the second floor of what otherwise appears to be a non-descript high street chain.


2. Castle Hill, Budapest

Feeling like a princess in a tower while looking out through the row of windows onto the sweeping panorama of central Budapest.


3. Dead Sea, Jordan

Drinking in the Dead Sea with our eyes, and marvelling at its sheer serenity and stillness, with not a single squawking seagull or crashing wave in sight.


4. Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

The alien-ness of this seemingly never ending desert landscape is nerve racking, even fear invoking. Its relentless hostility would surely prove a fatal match for a broken down car. Yet despite this harsh side, its constantly changing image as you drive from the Dead Sea to Petra is nothing short of beautiful.


5. Siena, Tuscany, Italy

We were so glad we chose to experience the charm of Siena, which is often overlooked for its more famous cousin, Florence. Don’t forget to look back as you walk out of the city centre and across the river to take in the panorama that waves you goodbye.


Part 2 of Our Next Sunrise’s Top 10 2013 travel pictures is coming soon!


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