Budapest street art

Autumn in Budapest means some rainy days, and on days when the sun is hidden away, the city’s street art provides a refreshing backdrop of colour to the grey skies.

You don’t have to go to great lengths to find much of it – some neighbourhoods in the areas of Erszebetvaros and Josefvaros have the feel of an urban gallery, with artistic surprises to be found around every corner.

I don’t know much about Budapest’s budding Banksys, but this article on Visit Budapest talks about a recent scheme to revitalise selected old buildings in key areas through strategically placed street art. This Viator art and culture walking tour of Budapest will show you some key pieces too, although we were inundated with all manner of cartoon animals and people just by strolling leisurely around the Jewish Quarter.

Here’s a selection of the street art we clocked around Budapest. The picture of the man and woman with the umbrella belongs to a shop facade so strictly speaking, may not be street art, but it made me smile much like the other pieces we snapped.

My favourite is the sky-scape painted onto the side of the building, which would otherwise be the dreary, imposing back wall of a run of the mill community park. There is something both inspiring and yet, dare I say it, a little sinister about it – is it an uplifting effect or an oppressive illusion? What do you think?











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