The last of the summer sun – 5 places where you can get it!

Rumour has it an ‘Indian summer’ is on the cards for the UK this year, but right now it seems about as distant as next summer altogether – if there really were 50 shades of grey, you could name them all in the London sky.

If you’re not too bothered by this and are in fact embracing the cooler weather as an excuse to live life through DVD box sets, then turn away.

If, however, the bleakness of the months ahead is enough to send you into a SAD-induced depression, here are my suggestions for where you can snatch the last rays of the summer sun. Temperatures are according to Google/BBC weather:

1. Albania – Tirana max 28 degrees next week

Tirana opera house
Tirana Opera House

2. Bosnia – Mostar max 26C


3. Italy – Positano max 25C


4. Spain – Barcelona max 27C

Barceloneta beach
Barceloneta beach

5. Portugal – Lisbon max 26C


Stay tuned to Our Next Sunrise for more on these destinations!


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